Fast answers to design and costing

Maintaining the budget on a construction project is critical. When the building is designed it can be difficult to predict the end project figure.

Our 3D visualisation DaaS platform lets you create your dream home before building.

At the end of the design process, you can receive a more accurate costing of your project which provides the benefit of cost and time savings.


From design to end product, Inplex adopts lean practices with the aim of increasing productivity and minimizing costs.


The use of BIM and DfMA design principles helps to maximize value and improve the quality of design. Our homes undergo stringent quality control procedures as well to ensure maximum durability.


Prefabrication homes with the use of our light gauge steel technology allows construction to move at a quicker pace.

Monomer Building System

The Monomer Building System utilises Design-as-a-Service to create custom homes on any plot. Our build phase harnesses light-gauge steel to fabricate pre-made components close to site.

These modules are then assembled on-site providing efficiency and saving time, materials and labour.

Off-site Advantage

By combining prefabrication and modular technologies, we make home building more efficient and less wasteful.

Project phases can run concurrently and the whole construction process can be more controlled regardless of the weather conditions.

Monomer building

With Monomer, you can create a home that's uniquely yours. Imagine your dream home and we will create it for you. We work with award winning architects to create bespoke modular homes which are beautiful, sustainable, use smart technologies and eco-friendly building materials.

Light Gauge Steel Structural Framework

The use of light gauge steel (LGS) in our structural framework provides an extremely reliable, resistant, cost-efficient and overall a superior option.

It is also environmentally friendly and has energy efficient properties that allow very little waste.

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