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Our state-of-the-art Monomer Building System features a Monomer Build process that leverages on the power of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) in prefabricated modules that are then assembled on site.

Monomer Design

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Choose to customise your dream home with a standard home design or custom home design on our customisation platform or contact us for a bespoke home design

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Monomer Build

_About Monomer Build

Our Monomer Building System™ features a modular system in which standardised parts of the structure are produced in an off-site factory. These parts are then assembled on site, thus enabling flexibility in terms of configuration, shape, or form.


  • Once the design has been finalised, we will submit the necessary documentation to the authorities for approval and obtain the required permits to begin construction

Site preparations

  • After the permits are obtained, we will begin to prepare the site to receive new incoming services, such as water and power as well as foundational and ground works

Off-site prefabrication

  • Meanwhile, we will start pre-fabricating the modules that make up your new home in our factory

On-site installation

  • Once the site is ready, we will progressively deliver the prefabricated modules to the site for installation


  • As the installation progresses, regular checks will be carried out, along with inspections by the authorities


  • After all the inspections are complete, we will hand over all the approvals to you and you will then be able to finally move in to your new home

Frequently Asked Questions

As an automated custom design and build expert, Inplex leverages our state-of-the-art Monomer Building System™ which was developed in house to extend design and build services for self-builders like you.

During the design phase, we use a 3D visualisation platform to ideate your dream home and how it may look like. This enables you to make better informed decisions and have a clearer picture of what to expect for the final product.

The building phase harnesses the power of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) to fabricate pre-made components that will make up your home, close to your site of choice. These modules are subsequently assembled on site to form the overall building structure of your new home.

After the preliminary consultations with us, the design process will take about 8 weeks to complete. Then, the requisite authority approval process may take up to 10 weeks long. Finally, the construction process will last anywhere between 13 to 18 months depending on project complexity.

This project duration includes pre-construction activities, like the mandatory topographical surveys and soil test as well as all requisite authority submissions which are required in order to fit the house design on actual site conditions and obtain all approvals from the authorities before any project can begin.

The word “monomer” carries the Greek words “mono”, which means “one”, and “meros”, which signifies “part”.

Our Monomer Building System uses a modular system, which produces standardised parts of the structure in an off-site factory. We then assemble them together on site. This enables the customisation of buildings to any configuration, shape, or form. It also saves on time, labour, and materials.

Inplex homes are meticulously designed and conceptualised by our expert team of architectural designers, interior designers, and engineers. They are specialists in their respective fields of construction, architecture, engineering, modular manufacturing, computational design technology, and interior design.

Inplex prides itself on utilising sustainable, and eco-friendly building materials to build homes that are uniquely yours.

Your build process may be affected by the following:

  • Promptness of your instructions and decision-making process
  • Promptness of your responses pertaining requests for information or approvals
  • Changes to the approved design and selection of materials as well as finishes
  • Promptness in payment of fees and progress claims
  • Existing site conditions or services on site that could not be detected prior to the commencement of construction works
  • Additional conditions imposed by the authorities peculiar to the site
  • Adverse weather conditions during the site installation period