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Developed by Inplex, our proprietary Monomer Building SystemTM provides innovative Design and Build services for self-builders as well as a Mobile Digital Factory for industry partners.

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Award-Winning Designs

We work with award-winning architects to make designs more accessible with instant answers for costs and layout.

Monomer Building Systemâ„¢

Our state-of-the-art, lean modular construction system is dynamically adaptable and can be integrated into many different building types. This ensures ultimate flexibility when making your dream home come to life.


Being transparent is ingrained in our values, and our aim is to build trust. For this reason, you will always be in the know of everything that is included in our service, and of the exceptions.

Choose from your design-ready or custom design homes

  • Select from our collection of design-ready homes by award-winning architects
  • Alternatively, customise your floor plan based on your plot size and planning control parameters through our Monomer Design platform
  • Preview of your floor plans and estimated construction cost

Create an account

  • Choose a plan and place your deposit
  • Download the full set of plans, drawings, and specifications for your house design
  • Take a virtual tour of your house design
  • Request for a consultation with our project ambassador for your next steps

Finalise your floor plans

  • Request to finalise your design and floor plans
  • Once the topographical survey has been completed, the floor plans are superimposed onto the survey plans so that necessary design modifications can be made to best fit your site parameters and planning control considerations
  • Request for a full authority compliance audit
  • Download and review the work schedule with a detailed cost breakdown as well as terms and conditions of your building contract
  • Confirm your order and our project ambassador will guide you through the following steps

Get your dream home engineered

  • A soil test will be ordered and performed at your site before your structural and M&E design can be finalised
  • Download the detailed drawings for your application to authorities for approvals. We will then proceed to obtain the relevant approvals and permits required to commence construction works on site
  • Download and review the full set of engineering drawings
  • Finalise your M&E design

The fabrication and sitework begins

  • While waiting for the approvals and permits to be issued, the fabrication and assembly of your prefab components will begin in our factory

Installation and move in

  • Upon obtaining the approvals and permits to commence work on site as well as the completion of site preparation works, all the prefab components will be delivered to the site and assembled accordingly
  • Periodic inspections will be conducted, with site progress reports being uploaded for your review
  • Once your new home is ready, the necessary occupation permits will be obtained before we hand over your new home

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_Choose from our collection of readily available home designs by award-winning architects

Design-Ready Homes

_Customise the design of your home to your preferred size and specifications

Custom Design Homes

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