Dimension: 5.7m x 15m

Choose from 3 deposit package to place your order and secure your project with us:

  • Premium Pro – $6999
  • Premium – $499
  • Starter – $99



Deposit packages are non-refundable and have a 6 months expiry from the date of purchase. Upon placing your deposit, you will receive an eBook containing the following contents:

  • Artist impression
  • Floor layout
  • Specification
  • General cost breakdown*
  • Process flow


*Not included in Starter package




At 5.7 meters x 15 meters, the narrow floor plan is perfect for those with a minimalist interior design aesthetic. This option is the smallest of our three floor plans but doesn’t sacrifice the quality and luxurious atmosphere that you expect. This is the perfect option for those who desire affluence on a smaller lot. The high ceilings are the perfect touch to make your home seem larger and more inviting. The wall space available is perfect for bookshelves, art, furniture, or any other items that will aid in achieving the home of your dreams. The floor-to-ceiling windows fill your home with natural light that will highlight all your home has to offer from one end to the other. With the large windows, the potential for fresh ventilation throughout the home is a definite advantage. As the building is smaller, it will also save money that could be used towards further customization of the home to get the beautiful one-of-a-kind home.




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