Dimension: 5.7m x 21.6m

Choose from 3 deposit package to place your order and secure your project with us:

  • Premium Pro – $6999
  • Premium – $499
  • Starter – $99



Deposit packages are non-refundable and have a 6 months expiry from the date of purchase. Upon placing your deposit, you will receive an eBook containing the following contents:

  • Artist impression
  • Floor layout
  • Specification
  • General cost breakdown*
  • Process flow


*Not included in Starter package




The deep floor plan provides for a line of sight from the front of the house to back at 5.7 meters by 21.6 meters. Perfect for families, the space allows parents to keep an eye on their children, but also provides for a sense of independence and privacy. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide an ample amount of natural light from one end to the other with ease. Depending on your lot, a courtyard can easily be added for an extra luxurious aesthetic, which can also be multi-functional in that it looks great, breaks up the space, adds natural light (particularly to boost the lighting in the middle of the home), provides a breeze, and gives you a private piece of nature. The deep layout allows for those with more minimalist interior design preferences. More wall space is optimal for those who enjoy hanging art, bookshelves, or any other assortment of displays and furniture.





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