Deposit packages are non-refundable and have a 6 months expiry from the date of purchase. Upon placing your deposit, you will receive an eBook containing the following contents:

  • Artist impression
  • Floor layout
  • Specification
  • General cost breakdown
  • Process flow




For those with a creative vision in mind that doesn’t quite fit the dimensions of the other options, a custom home may be more suitable for you. Designing your home to fit your plot of land ensures that everything flows in the way that enhances your personal style. The custom layout still includes every artistic flare that is offered for the other plans. Feel secure in knowing that our award-winning architect will bring your dream to life. A unique space offers you the chance to really showcase your home. Your dream home will turn into a reality with the customization and assistance offered. Modern, stylish, and luxurious, your home will attract attention in all the right ways.




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