Home Building: 5 Benefits Of Using Light Gauge Steel

Home building with the use of light gauge steel sections

When it comes to home building, the use of light gauge steel (LGS) as a structural framework has been increasingly popular over the years. It really is not surprising as the use of LGS offers various benefits. 

Besides being super versatile and cost effective, LGS is also extremely durable and sustainable for the environment. In this article, we will dig deeper into exactly what this material is, and the benefits of using it in home building.

What is light gauge steel (LGS)?

Typically used as an alternative to wood structures in many home building design and construction areas, light gauge steel is also known as cold-formed steel or cold-rolled steel. 

These steel sections are given their shape at room temperature, and are formed by putting thin sheets of steel through rollers. 

When the rollers rotate, the steel, which is coated with a patented zinc-aluminium alloy, gets formed into its C-shaped profile, giving it structural strength. These C-shaped profiles are then combined to form walls and trusses, which are used to rapidly construct the envelope of a house or building.

What are some benefits of using light gauge steel (LGS) in home building?

There are various reasons why the use of LGS is currently surpassing the use of wood across the world, particularly in regards to home building. These include:


Steel is highly strong and durable, and is also resistant to corrosion, fire, termites, and other pests. This makes the material extremely reliable for home building as it can be guaranteed that the home will last for extended periods of time. 

Additionally, its durability also means that there is less maintenance required, and it will be able to withstand adverse conditions, like strong winds, fire, and earthquakes.

Overall, there is less fuss and upkeep needed when using light gauge steel.

Home building with light gauge steel pieces

Energy Efficiency

LGS is a wonderful substrate and base for receiving insulation. Different types of insulator materials can be packed into the LGS frames, which traps heat indoors when used as a structural framework in home building. Thus, homes built with LGS are more energy efficient as this contributes to the reduction of electricity bills and subsequently, a reduced carbon footprint.

This is particularly practical for hot and humid climates as LGS is also used to build a lightweight, high-performance envelope within buildings, which helps to avoid overheating.


Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials, and over the years, innovative manufacturing techniques have also been used to lower energy use and carbon dioxide emissions when producing steel. On top of that, novel innovations like green steel, which is a carbon-free steel, has been coming up increasingly within the steel production industry.

This makes it an extremely eco-friendly option for homeowners who are looking to reduce their environmental impact while still being able to make their dream home a reality. 

On top of that, LGS has increasingly and consistently been a top choice for construction companies and developers for the same reason – sustainability.

Speed of Construction

Due to its lightweight nature, it is effortless to transport pre-engineered LGS sections to build sites and prepare them to be worked with. There is also no measuring or cutting that is required with these prefabricated LGS pieces. 

This essentially results in a way quicker home build as compared to traditional home building methods, regardless of the weather or season the build takes place. 

Consequently, the entire construction process will cost less and will be completed more speedily with much more efficiency.

Design Flexibility

No matter what your dream home may look like, using LGS offers increased versatility as it can be designed to fulfil architectural expression or intent. 

High-tech, lightweight technology is now available for residential builds. Therefore, LGS really does offer limitless possibilities when it boils down to home builds and the modification of existing builds.

Home building with the use of light gauge steel structures

The takeaway

When it comes to home building, especially in regards to modular home design, LGS is the preferred  material of choice. Its many advantages, including superior strength and durability as well as design versatility and construction speed, are only some of the reasons why Inplex has chosen to work with the material for our unique modular homes.

In conclusion, LGS enables modern homeowners to bring their dream home to life in a much quicker and cost-effective manner without sacrificing on the quality of their overall build.

Ready to begin on your modular home design journey and leverage the numerous benefits of LGS? Take a look at the home designs on our website to discover the many possibilities you can explore in regards to design.


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