Design-Ready Homes - Vertex Series - Semi-Detached / Corner Terrace Dwellings

Designed for the minimalists, Vertex Series was designed with simple volumes and planes,perfect for smaller families. 

The semi-detached/corner terrace is a modern home with simple & practical features. This beautiful home is perfect for families who are looking for a comfortable living space in an urban setting.

With 3 bedrooms, 1 study room, and 3 bathrooms, this home is ideal for smaller families. The bedrooms are well-designed and spacious, providing a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind after a long day. The study is stylish and modern, just right for those who work from home or for those who enjoy a quiet nook for reading or studying. 

The bathrooms are modern, with high-quality fixtures and fittings that add to the overall elegance of the home. The living room is spacious and well-lit, providing a warm and inviting space for families to spend quality time together.
The semi-detached/corner terrace Vertex Series is a beautiful home that offers the perfect blend of comfort and style.

258.97 sqm


Standard: 9.92 x 10.14m (W x L)


2 storey + attic, 3 bedrooms + study, 4 bathrooms

Cost Estimate

Design & Engineering:






Site Work:


Transport and Install:



$1.05 x M

*See pricing page for estimate assumptions and exclusions

Level 1

Level 2


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Initial Deposit Cost     $199.00

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Upgrades options