Redesign the Way We Design and Build

Inplex was incorporated in Singapore by Warren Liu, an award-winning architect and engineering expert, Soon Guan Ng.

Warren and Soon Guan saw the opportunity to disrupt the traditional home build sector and reframe the future of custom builds, by leveraging technology and innovative construction techniques. Their vision is to empower self builders to design and build bespoke homes, more efficiently, more sustainably and offer them better value.

From this vision Inplex and the Monomer Building System were created.

Inplex have been recognized for their innovative DfMA system and were winners of the German Design Award 2020.

The Future of Custom Builds

With the use of technology, we are changing the way homes are built and designed. Discover the endless possibilities with Inplex.


We commit to deliver exceptional products and services from Design to Manufacturing and Installation.


We use BIM technology and DfMA principles to design the most cost-effective solution fitting our clients’ needs.


The monomer building system helps promote a more sustainable form of design. This minimizes waste and lets us achieve a more eco-friendly environment.